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Sangeeta Bhagat 05-06-2020 г.
Inform me whose phone number is this and which country good
Bergeman LELIEVRE02-06-2020 г.
homme sérieux compétent sens de responsabilité respectueux
Adrian Cod02-06-2020 г.
Why are they calling us * leaving voice message in another language
Apple Ting31-05-2020 г.
Current person who has purchased this number is a con artist. He uses his “child”, not sure if he has one and work place as a way to con people’s money. If this goes to the police, please ensure this person is brought to justice.
JP30-05-2020 г.
Is this a scammer number? He been chatting me and I really doubt his intentions.
JP30-05-2020 г.
i would like to know who is using this number also
INA28-05-2020 г.
this is a stalcker. a person who speaks to many bad words for my opinion.
Emjee24-05-2020 г.
May I verify who is the owner of thia number +852 6726 7949, I am just scared that someone sent me a message using this number, I really don’t know him. Thanks
Elisabeth21-05-2020 г.
Hello can you give me information about this number.. please email me thanks a lot
Dregor20-05-2020 г.
Would like info about the number +85295864752
Michael20-05-2020 г.
s*xuel harasment consant txts
Kiki yana matofani16-05-2020 г.
Please give me know where is using thats number. His bulshitt. Dia menipu saya. Tolong lacak dia dimana skrg
John14-05-2020 г.
Scam project
Victor Manuel 14-05-2020 г.
Buenas noches necesito saber, si es posible direcciones y telefonos convencionales de este numero, esta estafando a muchas personas.
WIKI TOGO14-05-2020 г.
Home » 60179904604 Mandy06-04-2020 г. Scammers...voice recording claim to be from SPRM. That my bank account is accountable for some money laundering. The phone number is register to my company.
la personne dit qu'elle se prénomme Sonia et qu'elle a eue mon numero par quelqu'un
Ron04-05-2020 г.
I got a text from this number claiming to be official government of canada. It takes you too a page where its wants your social insurance number and your full name, to find out if your eligible for covid 19 financial assistance.
Patricia Santos 02-05-2020 г.
Meu nome é Patricia Santos e venho por este meio saber a quem pertence este número que mencionei acima porque tenho sido vitima de fraude. Aguardo resposta Obrigada
Stacey01-05-2020 г.
Prank caller
Péter Zoltán28-04-2020 г.
Kerestek a +36309294315-ös számról. Nem tudom ki, én most szabadságon vagyok, lehet egy ügyfelem régebbről. Szeretném tudni, ki ő, mert lehet vissza kell hívnom. Előre is köszönöm. Üdvözlöm Önket Péter Zoltán

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