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abdulla06-01-2018 г.
hello brother, i need your help. i m from barisal.
Ff06-01-2018 г.
Hi baby,Im by your gate plz come out n meet me
MD FAHIM05-01-2018 г.
Who are you?I got your number. I am a young entrepreneur.I want to Deal with you . Please contact with me.
Marko Ćurković04-01-2018 г.
Eldine, vaša mama mi je dala broj mobitena vezano za kupovinu alata. Zvao sam vas preko vibera pa nije uspjelo javite mi se
Piga juste04-01-2018 г.
Menace de mort
Robert MClu02-01-2018 г.
Please confirm owner of this number
Raku02-01-2018 г.
Someone call from this no. He has clip about my friend and ask some money.
Muhammad Waris01-01-2018 г.
I am receiving many missed call from this number: +21656003414
diana29-12-2017 г.
I what to know what happened to my fone whithi this number
Anas Hafid27-12-2017 г.
Number of my father
Toni26-12-2017 г.
Pozdravljeni ga.Darja, Tudi naše prijatelje in znance so danes nadlegovali iz te številke ter se lažno predstavljali. Če dobite to sporočilo me prosim pokličite na 051 375 151. LP, Toni
Sandra Reichel20-12-2017 г.
Hola Geri, cómo estás? Te escribo desde Mendoza (soy Sandra Reichel). Recordando buenos y viejos tiempos con José Wendler, me dijo que estás viviendo en el Reino Unido pero que no sabe bien dónde. Como a mitad de enero viaja mi hijo a Newbold College, quería saber si por casualidad vivías cerca.
paul20-12-2017 г.
Bonjour Je mets à votre disposition un prêt à partir de 1000 EURO à 100.000 EURO à des conditions très simple à toutes personnes pouvant rembourser. Je fais aussi des investissements et des prêts entre particulier de toutes categorie .
Darja Papež20-12-2017 г.
Prosim za pomoč. s te številke me že nekaj časa nadlegujejo in se mi predstavljajo za eno mojo sodelavko- Zanima me, kdo v resnici je to lp Darja
Константин19-12-2017 г.
Внимание мошенник на OLX !!! гражданин Иваненко Вадим Игоревич г. Харьков номер телефона 380970010867 берет деньги за товар и пропадает не отвечает на телефонные звонки, хамит в переписке!!
azharul islam razu17-12-2017 г.
i am Razu... from Mini militia 008801624875254 this my whatsapp number. i didt get you in whatsapp. please mail me
christine Jordaan13-12-2017 г.
Will some tell me if thats a private number or Courier number
Ekaterina12-12-2017 г.
Gamarjoba batono lado. Sad imyofebit am cutas? Tu moixerxebt damikavshirdit mogvianebit.
She11-12-2017 г.
I got missed call from this number on 21.11.2017 . I want to know who is this and which place?
Dhuor10-12-2017 г.
I have received many times missed call from this number+37124857390 today, what is the business?
Galia Petryliak10-12-2017 г.
Будь ласка,я хочу відтворити придбання Окі за допомогою цього номера в Італії.
Nunya 06-12-2017 г.
Said I needed to contact them and regarding my inheritance. Lmao!
John Basilic05-12-2017 г.
A qui est ce numéro SVP
Billy30-11-2017 г.
Jamaican caller identifying himself as Rob from publishers clearing house. Phishing for bank account info. When I told him I was not interested and to take me off of any lists he had he said F### You! And hung up
mamad29-11-2017 г.
یک کلاهبردار ماشین هستش
ALEX29-11-2017 г.
Bunch of scammers from Tunisia keeps on calling my number.Every time i block the number they manage to call me from a very similar number..Beware!!
Jack25-11-2017 г.
Please confirm your attendance tomorrow for your Excellence in Shooting Call 703-474-6490
mickala whittingham24-11-2017 г.
hello whoever has this phone please bring it bck to school aka wolmers girls or i will ne going to the police and u will be going to jail ,the pjone has no use to u everythung lock sp bring it back or ellse the police will be involved
Tanja Fiegen23-11-2017 г.
Hello, you called me today from Tunesien. I am looking for my Family hamadi and fatma-sarah kort in nabeul. Please can you help me to find them. Are you one Part of my Familie,. I miss you father sister family BEST regards Tanja Fiegen
Yaned22-11-2017 г.
Hola me podría decir cuál es el nombre del propietario de éste número de celular me han llamado para pedirme dinero. Gracias

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