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Ashiv Mungur20-03-2018 г.
I have just received a missed call from +6745578688.My phone number is +23057358311. Could you please call me again or send me an email. Regards Ashiv Mungur
Elizabeth19-03-2018 г.
Me molesta, llaman y cortan, todo el fin de semana.
Ksenia18-03-2018 г.
This number is a killer. By calling to ya he will know your IP address . It will come to ya and KILL!! ALSO OWNER OF THIS NUMBER IS A L*SBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well wisher18-03-2018 г.
Romance scammer from UK.Perfect manipulation skill.
Norma15-03-2018 г.
necesito saber el código que caerá en este instante de recuperación de cuenta de contraseña
Norma15-03-2018 г.
necesito que me digan cual es el código que ha caido en el numero de teléfono, ya que es para recuperar una contraseña olvidada de facebook
Norma15-03-2018 г.
necesito saber el código que caerá en este instante de recuperación de cuenta de contraseña
ANDRES14-03-2018 г.
I want to know who call me with that phone number
Christopher Alphius Anderson Jr14-03-2018 г.
I need to number to recognize as a active working number
Emmanuel14-03-2018 г.
pls help me verify if the owner of this number is actually BRENDA BROOKS.
Scam Alert13-03-2018 г.
Romance Scammer, goes by the name Ven Garcia Gonzalez from the UK, says his address is 162 Long St. London, UK
Priscila oliveira Carvalhaes10-03-2018 г.
Recebo ligações desse número
Faustin09-03-2018 г.
Ce numéro me dérange
Leonard08-03-2018 г.
Hope you have a safe trip home!
rick06-03-2018 г.
I received a threat from this number calling me names and telling me I will be a victim so get ready to be f*cked
Olivia bogle06-03-2018 г.
Pay_2_win Why is it keep texting me to text (win) for money ,saying I am silver account holder each time I send win something comes up saying I got money 7000 it goes up 1000 each time
Haffy06-03-2018 г.
This person is calling me and my whole family and stalking me, please tell me the name of this person? :(
hafsa05-03-2018 г.
Can u tell me who got this number it calls me this morning thank you
百科02-03-2018 г.
sharaty02-03-2018 г.
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stevven02-03-2018 г.
Hola soy tu novio el de Parchís como no puedo yo agregarte al whatsapP hazlo tu si +593 939692480 MIRA ESE ES MI NÚMERO
billy02-03-2018 г.
john from police
victor28-02-2018 г.
Hello my name is victor. Can we chat on WhatsApp. +23408089868410
BEN DALLING27-02-2018 г.
hahahahahahahahah27-02-2018 г.
this phone number is the best phone number ever I think you should give it a top up and a contract for free he is the best user ever
DIPAK25-02-2018 г.
This from call me. Sometime some new number missed call for me that all number unrelated. How to solve this problems. How to stoped the irritate.
koby23-02-2018 г.
i will do anything and i will bring work home and we can work on it
дмитрий23-02-2018 г.
Комар Ігор Михайлович. Той тип людей які замовляють речі та не забирають їх. Додайте до чорного списку покупців або беріть одразу предоплату з нього. м львів
Gabriel Edem22-02-2018 г.
who is the owner of the line and where is he or she came from?
oshane21-02-2018 г.
this person is tormenting me and i want to find the location and details of the person that own this number

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