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May07-05-2018 г.
I have received calls from the below mentioned numbers but I do not know who are they. Could you help and let me know who are they? 61-403026431 61-403441052 61-404291135 61-404648281 61-406082411 61-406737428 61-407374928 61-407806809 61-408033271
Jonna06-05-2018 г.
Can u help me who owns this number for security reason.thanks
Ariana Cano05-05-2018 г.
This is a phone number from a scammer
nestor achilles03-05-2018 г.
Can i please find out who is the owner of this no+31203690909 and which company
Tsolmon01-05-2018 г.
Called me and disconnected
firas27-04-2018 г.
I received many calls from this number but when I answer they close the line, may you please help me find out who could want to disturb me. Please
hugh janus27-04-2018 г.
a very nice man, he wants to give me $2800000 it makes me very happy indeed
vincenzo25-04-2018 г.
buena buena
Love Eliasson25-04-2018 г.
She or he called me and askes for someone named Kerstin. I knew her or his voice. It betonger to a girl I’m familliar with
Денис22-04-2018 г.
Рома Обманшик и вор.
nestor gonzalez21-04-2018 г.
quiero recuperar mi linea movistar que me la robaron
Daniel Kayembe21-04-2018 г.
I received a call on this number but I was unable to call back, may you please help me find out who could have tried to reach me. Please
Daiane19-04-2018 г.
Recebi um email e tem esse numero com ocontato
meriam13-04-2018 г.
mon telephone est vole
rosa12-04-2018 г.
Offre de prêt sérieux
Mickel Bailey10-04-2018 г.
This person is a nuisance
Liz Selles05-04-2018 г.
I am trying to reach Maria Teresa Pastor Catala. I have a package here for you from China. I work for John Cassidy International. You can reach me at
Law Firm05-04-2018 г.
Obscene telephone call. Repeatedly called to ask if it was legal to have s*x with animals in New Mexico
Kola Adeleke 05-04-2018 г.
I have been called several times by this number +41799770953 and refuse to pick but when I call back it is always engaged. Suspect scammer please. Thanks
Jon Smith04-04-2018 г.
Caller is a scammer saying you win 5 million and new car.
Shachi04-04-2018 г.
Have got calls from this no. but not connected. Have applied for jobs in Belgium and was curious if this was a job prospect.
Rene02-04-2018 г.
buenos días recibí un llamada de este numero y no pude contestar, quisiera saber quien me llamaba y cual es la razon. gracias
eduardo carrasco31-03-2018 г.
a quien pertenece este numero
eduardo carrasco31-03-2018 г.
deseo saber a quin pertenece este numero de celular
eduardo31-03-2018 г.
quiero saber a quin pertenece este numero
julia31-03-2018 г.
romance scammer from U.K . be careful and block this number 447857955935
Nikolaos Adam28-03-2018 г.
Hello I had a message on my mobile phone from your number some minutes ago. Who are you?
Bleona27-03-2018 г.
+38670150073 this number just call me now You know who is?
annakay26-03-2018 г.
hey i need you to be honest or else you will face consequences
Siggi23-03-2018 г.
This number and 204 818 8232 have called me all day claiming to be from Revenue Canada

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