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sirod06-01-2017 г.
got a message from this number and need to know from where it originates
kamal06-01-2017 г.
i got three missed call from the number can i know whose number is this
ABRAHAM ANTONY04-01-2017 г.
got a miscall from this number and it is unknown to me
Conny02-01-2017 г.
Who owns this number? Thanks for information.
joseph31-12-2016 г.
Hello, you gave me a call, would love to know you more.
shoaib31-12-2016 г.
How is this please call me once more.
Multaani Bilal30-12-2016 г.
Whose no this +67570891666 i always get a missed call from this no
ramesh tandukar30-12-2016 г.
Whose number is this and from which country?
Srijan Thapa30-12-2016 г.
My contact number is +9779862077560 and I am 25 years graduated man.
Srijan Thapa30-12-2016 г.
Hi, why did you give me a Misssed Call? I am from Nepal. Do you know me? Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and I would like to do friendship with you in this special occasion....
Nathaliya29-12-2016 г.
hi!how are you? what is your name,i am from srilanka. please reply my email...
prakash g29-12-2016 г.
i also got interview call, an indian voice, but do not know whether it genuine interview call ?
daniel magombe29-12-2016 г.
hello! I need cv of this number 67570892741
Hello, how are you doing up there, I need your email address,
Biruntha 28-12-2016 г.
hey I am looking for myou friend very urgent. . pls pls memail. .thank you
Alex K28-12-2016 г.
Call me if you want to no abut me
RAKESH CHHETRI27-12-2016 г.
i had got a call from the so i want to know its fake number or geniune.
Аброр26-12-2016 г.
STERLING BANK PLC RC. Number 0003964973 20C Sterling Towers Street, Island Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: +2347019563084 Date: 12/5/2016
kelemu25-12-2016 г.
Hello Jocy; this is kelemu from Ethiopia;pleas send me your email address
trial25-12-2016 г.
never you try to call my number again
jhamka23-12-2016 г.
Why Call Me? I am Deaf, Pls Text me on my Cell phone
Manuj Prajapati22-12-2016 г.
I got misscall from that no. I wanted to know that who is the guy who call me.
Manuj Prajapati22-12-2016 г.
I got miss call from this no. I wanted to know about that guy who calls me.
Barry21-12-2016 г.
I received a call from you at 09:09 am Eastern standard time. You left a message but I could not hear it. Email me or try again
Mohammad Sharif Bahaduri21-12-2016 г.
Called me at 02:30 AM midnight, disturb me
Mohammad Sharif Bahaduri21-12-2016 г.
Called me at 02:30 AM midnight, disturb me
taha21-12-2016 г.
you call to 074455522
taha21-12-2016 г.
you call to 0744455522
godlisten sam20-12-2016 г.
Please tell who are u call me though this number. 0768341873
godlisten sam20-12-2016 г.
I greeting u but I want know who are u call me to this number

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