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asaad asaad21-10-2018 г.
asaad asaad21-10-2018 г.
Ana abo ans Hhhhhhhh ابو عنس
Balbosa17-10-2018 г.
Este número hace llamada frecuente sin dejar mensaje alquilen sabe de quién se trata.
durga rao17-10-2018 г.
I got a call from this number today -Oct 17, 2018. I would like to know who this is. Thank you.
Sam10-10-2018 г.
received call from 061403036124. Noone spoke, they hung up after 10secs. I dialed back "Number is disconnected". Suspicious user
Fonahia Zai09-10-2018 г.
This number sent fake/scam message: Selamat Kepada Pelanggan MKIOS Anda Mdpt CEK Rp.100jt dgn PIN Pemenang anda (IJH76K79) U/I Klik -----(translate) Congratulations to your MKIOS customer, you can CHECK Rp.100jt with your winning PIN (IJH76K79) U / I Click
nipperchipper28-09-2018 г.
telemarket scam trying to collect referal fee to send you to a health insurance company
Edmund 24-09-2018 г.
Please I want to know if this number is a scam. Thanks
Katimar Tartu13-09-2018 г.
Hello, Could you check, to whom belongs the tel number in Latvia +371 27 878 789 ?
Han12-09-2018 г.
May I know if this number is a scammer
richard john11-09-2018 г.
this phone has been stolen
Tartu08-09-2018 г.
Unadecvate men about 45 yaer old is calling. speeks russian
ANITA ADEBIY07-09-2018 г.
I had series of missed calls from this number. I want to know the person. But I cannot call back
Tara03-09-2018 г.
I wanted to know who is the owner of this number. My husband texted with this number telling me that his phone was taken away by the police
Stephanie Dockery29-08-2018 г.
Missed call from number trying to find out who I missed
Liseth Munguia22-08-2018 г.
Estan llamando por el anuncio
John15-08-2018 г.
Sorry we missed your call to our UK number. You are engaged all the time when I try to call back.
Akinyemi Tosin14-08-2018 г.
I have been receiving your message that you like me. but anytime i try to called you the it would not go through. now, you can chat me up on my whatsap number: 09097661748.let us talk talk my friend. love you.
Antom12-08-2018 г.
375259350163 Klimenkov Denis Pavlovich
Remesas08-08-2018 г.
Estadafor, que monta depositos falsos para pedir las remesas en venezuela
Ivanas23-07-2018 г.
bukite atsargus, vagis Ramūno Kastėnas
Roney16-07-2018 г.
Is this hp number is valid or scam
Ingrid yamileth villatoro saenz11-07-2018 г.
Necesito abrir mi Facebook y este numero lo tengo agregado en mi Facebook como confirmacion de mi cuenta
jude udo09-07-2018 г.
I lost my sim card and I was not the one that registered it and the procedures to retrieve it is difficult. please I need the Facebook confirmation code that was sent to the phone number thanks.
Ilya Cherkasov06-07-2018 г.
Эти сообщения отправлены через специальный интернет-ресурс, чтобы связаться со мной - постучитесь ко мне в друзья по следующей ссылке вконтакте -
Ilya Cherkasov06-07-2018 г.
Руслан, добрый день. Вам пишет представитель школы бизнеса "Синергия" по поводу проекта "Synergy Regatta", Илья Черкасов. К сожалению, не могу связаться с вами, т.к у нас нет подходящей телефонии. Могли бы вы предоставить любую из вашей соц.сетей, чтобы мы могли обсудить детали проекта? Заранее спасибо!
X3305-07-2018 г.
Hi! I am looking also for a person whio owns this number. Did he say something to you? Because this one keeps on asking me.
joan03-07-2018 г.
Person keep calling and begging
Liesl21-06-2018 г.
Is the number valid or is it a scam?
Shamnaaz20-06-2018 г.
I want to know who is the owner of +22665688011 and if its a scammer

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