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Recent comments:
refia19-07-2019 г.
i have to find this number to see if this person is fake,thank yu
refia19-07-2019 г.
i hope that i will find who s this number
Ami19-07-2019 г.
Fausse information ne pas tenir compte de ce numero apres validation Bonne personne
rofus18-07-2019 г.
scammers, keep calling me on whatsapp, block and report the number
Brenda Munroe18-07-2019 г.
Identification of caller
Michael17-07-2019 г.
KInd help identify the caller
KIBAMBA16-07-2019 г.
Identification de ce numéro
Tekashea 14-07-2019 г.
I work for Amazon for 24 hours the phone number is one of our custmurs
David14-07-2019 г.
Hi the phone number is mine sorry
Boris Cenčić13-07-2019 г.
Dear Sir, Is this 22503924291 BCEAO office number ? Boris Cenčić
Александр13-07-2019 г.
Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать как можно скорее. Чей это номер? Имя или адрес? Мне нужно знать, так как сейчас он недоступен. Пожалуйста, помогите мне. Большое спасибо.
Atul 10-07-2019 г.
I want to know owner name of this phone number
Ramzi salti10-07-2019 г.
I want the caller id
Kenneth Michael Velez08-07-2019 г.
yo who dis i call this number and can hear a convo on repeat on the other side. at this point im just curious as to what it is than i am angry for getting called
Mpho08-07-2019 г.
spam messages
MDK05-07-2019 г.
I got a very slow speaking person. Sounded like a generic call, but they knew my name. They hung up when I asked them who they were and why they were trying to call me. Sounded like a spam call. But I am not sure.
nuril04-07-2019 г.
need to know this number from UK...i can give a photos if can so everybody can recognize , n urgently to reply to me...
Pilar04-07-2019 г.
A quien pertenece? Me llaman y no se quien es
WERE ERIA03-07-2019 г.
hallo penny, i know its been long friend how is life that side now, please would like to get in touch with you again lovely friend,thats email incase you get time
kam kin wa02-07-2019 г.
good number

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