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Recent comments:
Shoeb13-05-2018 г.
Bullshit and irritating number
krishan12-05-2018 г.
i need address and another phone no and address.
MARIA09-05-2018 г.
Please, call me 971-50.70.35 of 8 to 16 hours, referent your insurence. Regards.
Serges Degei 08-05-2018 г.
Ma tuletan teile meelde, et olen üksikisikutega laenuandja ja ma annan loa kõigile, kes vajavad rahastamist. Ma teen ka investeeringuid ja laene igasuguste üksikisikute vahel. Pakun krediiti lühikeses, keskmises ja pikas perspektiivis. Meie pakkumine on vahemikus 5000 kuni 9 000 000 eurot või dollarit. Lisateabe saamiseks võtke meiega ühendust aadressil
May07-05-2018 г.
I have received calls from the below mentioned numbers but I do not know who are they. Could you help and let me know who are they? 61-403026431 61-403441052 61-404291135 61-404648281 61-406082411 61-406737428 61-407374928 61-407806809 61-408033271
Jonna06-05-2018 г.
Can u help me who owns this number for security reason.thanks
Ariana Cano05-05-2018 г.
This is a phone number from a scammer
nestor achilles03-05-2018 г.
Can i please find out who is the owner of this no+31203690909 and which company
Tsolmon01-05-2018 г.
Called me and disconnected
firas27-04-2018 г.
I received many calls from this number but when I answer they close the line, may you please help me find out who could want to disturb me. Please
hugh janus27-04-2018 г.
a very nice man, he wants to give me $2800000 it makes me very happy indeed
vincenzo25-04-2018 г.
buena buena
Love Eliasson25-04-2018 г.
She or he called me and askes for someone named Kerstin. I knew her or his voice. It betonger to a girl I’m familliar with
Денис22-04-2018 г.
Рома Обманшик и вор.
nestor gonzalez21-04-2018 г.
quiero recuperar mi linea movistar que me la robaron
Daniel Kayembe21-04-2018 г.
I received a call on this number but I was unable to call back, may you please help me find out who could have tried to reach me. Please
Daiane19-04-2018 г.
Recebi um email e tem esse numero com ocontato
meriam13-04-2018 г.
mon telephone est vole
rosa12-04-2018 г.
Offre de prêt sérieux
Mickel Bailey10-04-2018 г.
This person is a nuisance

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